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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Clarksville, Ohio?

    We are located in Clinton County in Southwest Ohio. That is about 40 miles from Dayton, 73 miles from Columbus, 40 miles from Cincinnati, 28 miles from Middleton, 23 miles from Mason, 15 miles from Lebanon, 19 miles from Kings Island.

  2. What does it cost to visit the farm?

    Depends on the activity. For property rental the range is from $150-$350 depending on day of the week and number of people. For youth groups it is $6 each with a minimum charge of $100. For small family groups who just want a wallaby presentation(about 1 hour and another hour to picnic and hike the farm) it is $6 each with a minimum charge of $40.

  3. How many people can be accommodated for group events?

    We can handle up to 100 people. Parking is limited to about 25-30 cars.

  4. What are your hours?

    All visits are scheduled ahead of time. Parties are mostly on weekends and youth and small family visits are usually during the week. Depending on the hours of scheduled parties we can sometimes accommodate families on weekends but will only schedule them one week out.

  5. Are multiple parties scheduled at the same time?

    Parties, group presentations and visits will not be scheduled at the same time. We value your privacy and want to assure your enjoyment of our beautiful farm.

  6. Is food available on the farm?

    No-We offer picnic tables, refrigerator and charcoal grils. We can recommend local caterers.

  7. Is the farm handicapped accessible?

    Sort of! Depending on an individuals needs we will do all we can to help everyone enjoy our farm. Our farm is hilly which adds to its beauty but presents challenges. If the weather is dry then a car can be driven anywhere on the property. The barn and animals are fairly easy to access. We also have a trailer pulled by the tractor if the individual can sit on straw bales. The restroom has one step to enter and is not very large.

  8. How safe are the animals?

    All animals have the potential to cause harm however wallabies are herbivores and do not bite. Most of our wallabies are for viewing only since they are part of the Cincinnati Zoo's breeding program. However when we have young stock, part of their conditioning program is to have lots of contact with people. This is done by presenting them in a “pouch” which gives them security and they can then be carried around and petted. We also have a young female ambassador who is safe and really enjoys interacting with guests. All of our other animals are “hams” and really like people.

  9. What about the potential for disease from the animals?

    We do everything possible to keep our animals healthy. We have access to the zoo veternarians plus the expertise of our personal farm veternarian. We require all guests who plan on petting the animals to use waterless hand cleaner before and after handling the animals.

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